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Introduction to Gaming Mouse Under 100

Modern gaming revolves around reflexes. It would not benefit you to get all the reflexes in your universe unless you have the right equipment.  Today we’re going to show you Best Gaming Mouse Under 100. As you can find out, some of the better gaming mice in general are conveniently included. After we have finished our choices, we will check what is needed and how we can find the right Best Buy Mouse. Only go to it and look at our Best Buy Gaming Mouse. Just like clothing, for every occasion there’s a gaming mouse for every occasion and we’ve tried them all to find the Best Gaming Mouse Under 100 for you. 

Why Optical Mouse Good for Gaming? 

It is clear that the safest option when it comes to gaming might be an optical controller. Provides greater monitoring capability, precision and much better quality. Reliability and accuracy are crucial to success for competitive games and you want the advantage of competitiveness. A gaming mouse with a laser sensor helps you to use the mouse on any surface, including glass which has a higher rate of DPI than an optical mouse more often than not. But, when the laser penetrates the surfaces, a slower and finer movement will also lead to erratic and jittery movement in the game. To better render optical mice for competitive play, either an FPS or an MMO game.

7 Best Gaming Mouse Under 100 Review 


1. SteelSeries Rival 710

SteelSeries Rival 710 best gaming mouse under 100

The Rivals 710 is the only mouse with the most precise OLED screen providing touch feedback. it is the Best Buy Gaming Mouse, You can now detect events in the game, and assist in crucial decision-making, no longer just an input system. Customize all elements of the alarms including amplitude and vibration patterns. PCMag won a high score for this wired mouse for its excellent core components, but it earned its name for a variety of crazy features, including a small OLED monitor on one side, and the ability, by a modular nature, to swap any of its components.


  • The 350 IPS optical sensor TrueMove3 has a 12,000 CPI, specially equipped with PixArt for precise sensitivity and genuine 1-1 tracking.
  • The OLED view lets you to in game data, button mapping and custom GIFs on fly response settings, Discord Updates.
  • Immersive touch notifications encourage you to feel the game Chose all facets of notifications from speed to vibrational patterns
  • The modular ID lets you adjust the sensor or cable or cover just what you need for your personal output to be maximised
  • The 60 million click mechanical switches with strengthened control switches maintain accuracy and long service life.


Pros & Cons

  • Strong proprietary sensor.
  • OLED screens are enjoyable for tinkers, with flexible, haptic feedback.
  • Body can be changed by swappable sensors, side panels.
  • Deep integration for many games is missing for show and haptic feedback.
  • For Wired mouse it is bit costly.


2. Razer Naga Trinity

Razer Naga Trinity | best gaming mouse under 100

Razer’s Naga mouse has taken a long time to develop and work.  it is Best Buy Gaming Mouse with the newest edition, the Naga Trinity, is still the finest one a lightweight, convenient mouse with a standard sensor and three interchangeable button keys, The Naga series has a special place in the heart of any player. This mouse blends high performance, cool features and an acceptable price. it features seven buttons around your thumb in a circle. The Naga Trinity is a little bit on the small side for larger paws it is Best gaming mouse for small hands, with more squat than other gaming mice. It’s secure in the relaxed hold that’s perfect for you.


  •  16,000 DPI High precision optical sensor: provides change on-the-fly sensitivity by means of dedicated game DPI keys.
  • Customizable fully modular: 3 interchangeable side plates with combinations of 2, 7 and 12 keys.
  • Using Razer synapse, you can restart and delegate complex macro functions by up to 19 programmable keys.
  • Chroma RGB profile customizable 16.8 million colour combinations are allowed, W/ present profiles included
  • Tiny, rubberized bumps improve grip and allowing more responsive scrolling in gaming situations with higher stakes


Pros & Cons

  • Comes with fully interchangeable side plates that expand their features
  • Completely mechanical switches feature up to 12 butts and RGB.
  • Adjustable and cosy architecture makes long-term usage fun.
  • Support of native applications may be used periodically.
  • The 12-button collection with which some gamers have this issue


3. ROCCAT Kone Aimo

ROCCAT Kone Aimo | best gaming mouse under 100

ROCCAT is another industry brand with a lot of influence. What we see here is one of its most recent high-end deals, called Kone Aimo. It offers a great combination of quality and results. The business has been using an owl-eye sensor of 100-12,000 DPI with high precision behind this bad boy. It is precise, accurate and very fast. The mouse also has RGB lighting and 23 entirely programmable keys. This is one of the most beautiful game mice you can find right now in terms of looks and usability. It comes in a range of colours, and when it comes to style, it takes the cake. It looks fantastic as well. Best gaming mouse under 100 dollars with full feature-set that provides maximum precision and command power in all situations.


  • OWL-EYE Optical Sensor features a robust pointer with up to 12000DPI updated PixArt 3361 Optical Sensor, which gives you an advantage of Lethal in any game.
  • The exclusive Easy-Shift[+] button also doubls the programmable tweak between 12 and 24, expands your arsenal of weapons commands / macros Tri-Button thumbs + 4D tilting Titan Wheels for quick controls
  • Aimo lighting system Intelligent harmonisation of your lighting across all compatible ROCCAT devices, a new and reactive lighting system which reacts automatically to a better gaming experience.


Pros & Cons

  • Is fitted with a modern and very exact optical sensor Owl-Eye
  • One of the most beautiful mouse on the market today
  • Adjustable style in a selection of colours and possibilities
  • It’s on a heavy side so some users will bother


4. Razer Viper Ultralight

Razer Viper Ultralight | best gaming mouse under 100

The Razer product is next up. We went for something easy and successful this time around. This is the mouse for minimalist users who want to work and care not so much about flashy bells and whistles. it is the Best gaming mouse for footnote, there are 8 fully programmable buttons as well as some limitable RGB lighting. You have a super-fast optical sensor with 16,000 DPI. This is an ultra-light mouse as the name suggests.  It’s the lightest mouse on the market at the moment, Matter of fact. This may or may not be a con depending on your choice and taste. The mouse is fine, however.


  • The lightest, Zero-compromise Gaming Mouse for 69 g The Razer Viper has a highly sensitive 16 K DPI optical sensor which is tailored to the most competitive players without the need to bohr holes on the frame like the competition mouse.
  • Light-beam-based control, detecting button presses at the speed of light for absolute power Razer optical mouse switching.
  • Ambidextrous interface Created for left and right users with programmable, available buttons on both sides
  • Chroma RGB Profile Customizable Display: contains 16,8 million w/ predefined colour combinations
  • 8 programmable buttons Enables reconfiguration and allocation by Razer Synapse 3 of complex macro functions.


Pros & Cons

  • One of the lightest mice on the market today
  • Fully customizable programmable buttons
  • Comes with regular, but subtle RGB lighting
  • Features a sensitive optical sensor of 16,000 DPI
  • Lightweight could be a problem for some users based on their preferences


5. Logitech G403 Hero

Logitech G403 Hero | best gaming mouse under 100

Logitech G403 Hero takes aesthetics and architecture into account. It’s a sleek mouse just because it’s one of the best results out there. It includes all the right characteristics and more. The G403 features a globally acclaimed PMW3366 computer mouse sensor. Best gaming mouse for pubs, it gives you the faith of fast responses and a precise targeting which are incredibly accurate and reliable. Ergonomically speaking, this department never had a problem with the G400 series. Best gaming mouse for small hands, an easy and well-sitting mouse. You can fulfil the specifications using rubber side panels and a weight of 10 g removable. The G403 can be used with or fully tailored to your tastes with pre-set programming. Advanced G Platform users can use 6 programmable buttons to streamline in-game activities and perform complicated tasks easily.


  • tracking of max 16,000 dpi plus zero smoothing, filtering, or acceleration files, 400 + ips
  • Customize 16.8 metre illuminated illumination effects with g hub gaming applications, and synchronise through g hardware. Color the full-spectrum lighting.
  • Comfort and durability: lightweight (87 g), simple to use with rubber handles to gain control; 10 g of weight adjustable helps you to change to your tastes.
  • G hub: select 6 programmable game functions keys. G hub: With the fly dpi move you can programme and turn from 100 to 16,000 dpi between five sensitivity sets.


Pros & Cons

  • A lightweight mouse with a basic specification and demonstrated ergonomics
  • With an optical sensor of 16,000 DPI and 400 IPS +
  • Do not always mean direct, normal input when filtering and smoothing or accelerating
  • Can be adapted to suit your weight needs.
  • It has very few additional features and is a small mouse.


6. Logitech G Pro Gaming

Logitech G Pro Gaming | best gaming mouse under 100

The G502 Lightspeed Logitech is a perfect play mouse to professional players who don’t want to hesitate, and those who don’t know how to check in the device. The Best Gaming Mouse Under 100 with best specifications for Logitech for gaming and general use. When it comes to banging. it has many high-quality features in a modest, compact mouse. The cursor runs without the need for more acceleration, smoothing or scrolling. It’s fast, precise and snappy, everything you could need. The presence is one sector of which its price reveals. This is a basic gaming mouse with far less functionality than its most costly twin. It has 6 fully programmable buttons and is light, reasonably easy.


  • The most powerful Logitech competition grade sensor yet with up to 16,000 DPIs for games speed, sensitivity and response across the DPI spectrum
  • Spring and mechanical switches Tensioning device provides the high-end pros seek with a constant sense of speed at every hand and almost automatic operation at a touch.
  • Programmable RGB Lighting and LIGHTSYNC Technologies: Configure almost 16.8 million colours of lighting to complement the colours of your band, sports your own or sync colours to the other Logitech G gear.
  • Six Control and Customizable Keys.


Pros & Cons

  • High end hardware designs on a budget driven chassis
  • Comes with some interesting features, including LIGHTSYNC programmable technology
  • Accurate and direct response without any external acceleration or filtration
  • The finish standard of this section is not comparable to that of other Mice.


7. Minonix Avior 7000

Minonix Avior 7000 | best gaming mouse under 100

It can be difficult to say the least, but not impossible, to find a decent game mouse on a budget. A good price range, performance, and cosmetic elegance are provided by Mionix Avior 7000. For all on a deficit, it is a Best Buy Gaming Mouse. Mionix has a respectable optical 7000 DPI sensor, which is far more than adequate for casual play, as regards core hardware. It’s not the most detailed thing there, but it’s all right. This is a pretty small, but highly ergonomic mouse with decent features. It is one of the better alternatives available on the market at this time. With Avior, Mionix built an outstanding budget mouse.


  • Configurable USB 2.0 Plug-in & Play link, 2-metre-long wire braided wire, built-in internal capacity and Gold plated.
  • Sensor specification: 320DPI lift 3.5 mm Lead sensor, 1 ms sensitive time, 6469 frames / sec. Sensor specification:
  • Velocity: 1 m / sec (40 ips)
  • Image encoding 5.8 megapixels / sec
  • Maximum strength, LED lighting system adjustable (RGB).


Pros & Cons

  • Excellent performance buck at a reasonable price.
  • Includes an acceptable 7000 DPI optical sensor and modules.
  • Completely ambidextrous, ergonomic style and feeling.
  • Confusing applications makes it impossible to grasp the DPI setup.
  • A simple mouse that doesn’t like this high-end mouse.

Buying Guide (50 words each, 200 words total)

Optical Sensor

It is the heart of the mouse in general and thus most care is taken. Approximately 80 percent of the task is to locate a good optical sensor in the mouse. The mouse has a thin, red light-emitting diode, which re-lights the region onto a complementary metallic-oxide semi-conductive (CMOS) sensor, which is capable of operating on almost any surface. The DPI values or points per inch are what you are looking for. This is also a test of the strength of the rodent. It doesn’t actually boost higher DPI. What is more important is how often you can change the DPI in a particular room. This is all about DPI combined with in-game awareness. 


You would want to find one that blends into your hand until you have found a strong sensor. Our hands are usually different, so be sure to choose one that is perfect for you. The best sensor is possible with an awkward mouse, but it is also a choir to use.


This is how much role you need to work out. Just five keys, will you get away? Or do you need ten north? In this respect, multiple gaming mice’s give different settings.


You are eligible for Warranty support for a following periods of time commencing upon the date of retail purchase of The Product. Items can have a shorter term of warranty, which is explicitly shown at the point of delivery and the term is defined at the time of purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does A Gaming Mouse Improve Aim?

A gaming mouse does not actually improve its own function, but if you want to enhance your target, it is a necessary tool. In other words, you will have to work hard to reach your goals and a gaming mouse will support you, It is also nice to have a strong mouse pad. If you get used to this, however, you must train on goal charts, this will certainly 

boost your skills How Much DPI I Need for Gaming?

You should change the DPI in a game mouse (Dots per inch) to improve the sensitivity. What kind of games you ‘re playing depends. Many FPS players are operating with 700 DPI or lower because lower DPI has increased accuracy. MOBA players, on the other hand, use more than the norm.


All the mice in these lists are more than perfect for games, and you can even more than a normal mouse would enjoy your favourite songs. We did our best to find performance-oriented, but fairly priced, cursor.  these are the Best Gaming Mouse Under 100 You just have to choose one depends on what kind of mouse you actually need Or, in fact, what kind of games you enjoy playing and how much bucks you are able to pay. Every mouse has advantages and disputes, but there are so many ways to ensure that these 7 mouse are the best for under $100.

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