How to Level Up Palico Gadgets or Upgrade it in 2020

Are you having trouble upgrading or leveling up your palico gadgets? So, you are in the right place because today I will tell you how to level up palico gadgets

Palico Gadgets are used by Palicoes, which give support to a hunter to fight against the monster. Policoes also gives us accompany to fight through offense. A policoes also tell us who killed us in the match. 

How to Level Up Palico gadgets?

Palicoes use palico gadgets on their own in a semi-frequent way. To get a palico gadget you have to play the game as level ups the gadget will be added to your accounts. When your gadget gets to level 5 so, it will do different tasks such as place a cage of the firefly, and then on level 10, you will be asked for various jobs to do. Gradually as the level increase of the gadgets the more commands/tasks increase

How to Get all Palico Gadgets

Palico gadgets are the powers for palicos, The more the palicoes get power the more you get .the following palico gadgets will help you to learn more about it

1.Vigrowasp spray, classic

This spray is the first type of palico gadget that gets. There are some features which this gadget provide to a palico: 

  •         It will supply the vigrowasp spray at level 5
  •         It will tell you about stations where you can find vingrowasp stations on level 10

This palico gadget is getting when you start your hence in other words, and it can be that we don’t have to unlock this gadget.                                      

2. flash fly cage, most fantastic

It is the second palico gadget that is unlocked when we help the Grimalkyne tribe in the Ancient Forest, but for that, we have to open all the campsites, and then we have a conversation with the researcher lynian. We have to help bug trappers, and when we chase the last bug trapper which run from us we have to pursue it, and as soon as we got it we get a flashfly cage

This gadget gives some features:

  •         Use this gadget when you are fighting from giant monsters. You can gather flash fly near them, and they will be blind for some time by the reliable and effective light that comes from flashfly
  •         Your palico will trap shark traps for you on level 5, but when you come to level 10 so you can place your shark trap despite crafting this

 3. Shieldspire, more than incredible

You can unlock this great gadget by helping the Grimalkyne tribe, which are found in lower levels after that you have to speak to the researcher lynian. He will tell you to find doodles; on the whole, some are close to you, and some are far away. You have to get three friends which you have to capture and then you got shield spire

The features it provides are: 

  •         It will help you taunt all monsters when you summon a shield

How to level up your gadgets

You can easily upgrade your gadgets by playing the game more.  There are many palico you can get by leveling up like Monster hunter world palico gadgets. The more you use the gadgets, the more you got skilled.

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