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Facebook indeed is one of the world’s largest social media platforms with more than 2 billion users, worldwide. However, after a certain time, it becomes next to impossible to gain views, on Facebook videos, organically.

The amount of content posted on the platform daily is quite overwhelming. The competition is high, but the algorithm is more prone towards enhancing users’ experience, which indeed is not a piece of good news. Most of the creators find it tough to figure out the fact that where exactly they went wrong. Is it that they are not posting enough content or they are posting too much promotional content?

Well, to be brutally honest, the Facebook algorithm is ever-changing. So, there is no one-stop solution to it. Even though the fact “content is king” will remain constant for all time. But the way the marketing team works may need some frequent changes.

Given the recent algorithm, we have brought together some of the best tips to increase your video views. Follow along.

Opt for silence

85% of video views on Facebook videos come from silent videos. Interesting right? This can be a huge surprise for multimedia creators. But this, in fact, is true. So, opt for no sound videos for the ones you can. Maybe not omit the sound completely, but optimize in such a way so that both the sound and silence lovers can enjoy your videos, irrespective of their choices.

Adding captions or subtitles is one of the best ways to optimize those videos that can’t do without sound. While posting a video on the platform natively, Facebook allows you to add a caption to your videos. You can do it directly on the platform using their editor, or else, it also gives you the option to upload a .SRT file. So, whatever seems more convenient for you, just go for it.

Use captivating intros

Facebook users scroll through their timeline at a swift. Henceforth, to catch your viewer’s attention you have to provide them something that hooks them within the first couple of seconds. Adding a visually appealing thumbnail and a catchy intro always make that work easy.

Opt for Square Format videos

Creating your videos in square format has more benefits than you can think of. Even though back in 2017 portrait videos were rising, with time square format videos became more popular. The sole reason being that it takes up more place within the screen, which results in more views. Apart from that, it eliminates unnecessary phone rotations, which indeed enhances the user’s experience.

The lesser the better

Captions are used to attract the audience. Use it for that purpose only. Delivering the whole story in the caption simply makes no sense. Use that space to write a brief sneak peek to the actual content. So, the audience gets hooked and end up watching the video. After all, the main motto is to receive as many video views as possible, right?

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